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Youth Shooting Sports Training
Submitted by the Training and Education Committee

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Safety First shooting Association, Inc is pleased to announce a new opportunity for our community youth to learn firearm safety and marksmanship!  We will be offering classes from 2-4pm on the 2nd Saturday of each month for youth who sign up.  These classes are no cost in any way to the youth of our community, we only require that the youth must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who must remain present for the class.  We will be offering safety training and instruction in the following shooting sports over 2 class sessions each: It is intended for youth to attend both training session's to complete the instruction. Youth may sign up for a specific sport or for all of them. Attending youth must be between 5 and 17 years old.  If you have younger youth (3-5 years old) needing firearms safety training, please reach out to us as we can assist you in their education.

Archery Marksmanship and Safety -
Muzzle Loading Marksmanship and Safety -
Western Action Shooting and Safety -
Rifle Marksmanship and Safety -
Pistol Marksmanship and Safety -

Shotgun Marksmanship and Safety -

January 11th 2-4pm and February 8th 2-4pm
March 14th 2-4pm and April 11th 2-4pm
May 9th 2-4pm and June 13th 2-4pm
July 11th 2-4pm and Aug 8th 2-4pm
Sept 12th 2-4pm and Oct 10th 2-4pm

Nov 14th 2-4pm and Dec 12th 2-4pm

Youth must sign up via email to riveroakstraining@gmail.com and class size is limited to 30 youth for each session. We will provide all equipment, ammunition, targets, safety equipment and instruction at no cost.   Youth may bring their own firearms or archery equipment if they want to use their own, but we will inspect any personal equipment prior to use for safety and operating condition.  Firearms must be unloaded and cased when entering the range.  Only these calibers or gauges will be allowed: 12ga, 20ga, .22LR, .50cal muzzle loaders. There is no restriction on Archery equipment, long bows, recurves, compound bows or cross bows of any draw weight are acceptable.  If the youth is not interested in .22LR Rifles or Pistol marksmanship we are able to substitute Air Guns instead to train both safety and marksmanship.


To physically be present on this range, or to participate in firearms training you must not be restricted or prohibited due to a court order, terms of probation, terms of parole, or violations of certain sections of law from possessing firearms, ammunition, and or dangerous weapons.  Due to ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) restrictions on training you must be a United States Citizen, or have permanent resident legal alien status (Green Card). You cannot work for a foreign company, a foreign government, or a foreign governmental agency/organization.

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