Safety First Shooting Association is a 501(c) 4 non-profit corporation which operates the River Oaks Firearms Training Center on private property. Individual shooting at the facility is reserved to activities which maintain or increase our member's individual firearms instructional proficiency, so as to further the goals of SFSA in teaching the public. We are dedicated to the following goals:

To educate the general public as to the responsibilities and obligations connected with owning and using firearms and related items.

To educate the general public in effective safety procedures and methods in the handling, storage, transportation and use of firearms, related equipment
   and supplies.

To make these educational opportunities more easily available to under-served segments of the population, including but not limited to, women,
   and the handicapped.

To promote and provide outreach firearms safety training in various venues, including but not limited to, religious and service organizations.

To create, acquire, publish and disseminate educational books, pamphlets, brochures, newsletters and research papers, as well as audio, video and computer
   based materials, pertaining to shooting, firearms and related items.

To offer courses of study that may be required to qualify for permits or licenses, including, but not limited to, hunting licenses and concealed carry permits.

To offer hands-on instruction in the safe and proper use of firearms for various purposes, including but not limited to home and self-defense,
   hunting, informal shooting, and competition.

To sponsor special events encouraging participation in shooting by women, men, families, teams, or groups.

To promote shooting as a traditional American pursuit, that teaches discipline, responsibility, and sportsmanship, exercises both the mind and the
   body, and can  provide a lifetime of enjoyment and enrichment.

Social Welfare Statement

Safety First Shooting Association (SFSA) promotes social welfare and the common good of the community by creating and implementing affordable, effective programs to prevent firearms related accidents and injuries in the community, particularly among children and youth. This is accomplished by providing high quality training in the safe and proper handling of firearms, and operating a shooting range where such skills can be practiced and mastered in a safe, responsible manner. SFSA provides basic firearms safety training at no or low cost to the general public, and welcomes anyone interested in learning about firearms safety.

There is no question that participating in even one intensive training session dedicated to firearms safety can literally save the life of a child. SFSA sponsors the firearms training for 4-H members, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Explorers at no cost.  SFSA provides equipment, safety and marksmanship instruction, organizational services, and the venue to these and many other groups at no cost.

SFSA provides these services using volunteer instructors, conducting the courses at a local shooting range made available on a permission basis. SFSA expects to continue to pursue its mission in this manner for the foreseeable future. That mission is to prevent firearms related accidents and injuries by bringing high quality, effective, affordable firearms safety training and information to the largest possible number of people.

The range property and facility is owned by Bettencourt Family Properties and is located on the Bettencourt Ranch.  Mr Michael Bettencourt donates the exclusive use of the range to the Safety First Shooting Association, a 501c4 non-profit, tax exempt corporation.  SFSA maintains the range, coordinates events and manages the range, while maintaining appropriate insurance coverage and certifications.

The range day to day use is generally limited to the hours of daylight, but occasional exceptions may be made to accommodate advanced law enforcement or self- defense classes.  Day to Day use is for instructional classes, furthering of personal skills in support of instructional activities, private classes and range safety training.  Generally classes are held during the weekends but weekday classes are not uncommon.


General: The Safety First Shooting Association operates River Oaks Firearms Training Center to provide instruction and training in the safe handling and use of firearms and to allow members to become more proficient with firearms.

Membership Requirements: Contact the board at sfsaboard@gmail.com for questions about membership.