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California "Carry Concealed Weapon"


Contrary to popular belief, CCW permits are in fact issued within the State of California. The decision is made by appointed city law enforcement or elected county law enforcement. Cities generally defer the decision to the County Sheriff; therefore, the chance of issuance varies from county to county, and from elected Sheriff to elected Sheriff.

Even though every county or city may use the standard California DOJ CCW Application, each county or city may differ in their registration fees, or require additional information. There may also be different standards to the safety and weapons training required before an application can be excepted.

Finding out what their application and requirements are for your particular county or city ahead of time, and having the paperwork completed and ready to turn in on your first visit can make a big difference in the amount of the time it takes to process your application. The entire process could take up to 6 months. Normally the process is started by picking up your application packet first.

If your deciding on a new pistol or revolver to purchase and carry, you can search the California State data banks for what handguns are allowed in this state here. For all California firearms information, look over the entire state firearms page here.


Authorized CCW Instructors Associated with this range are listed below.
Contact any of them about obtaining the required training for either a new permit or to renew a permit.
For the many other Instructors throughout your county, search the web.

Hammer Stryke Self-Reliance Training, Inc
Mariposa, Merced, Madera, Stanislaus Counties,
Arizona, Florida and Oregon CCW Training.

M2 Firearms Training
Merced County CCW Training




CCW Information - County Sheriffs Offices

Merced, Mariposa, Stanislaus, Madera, Sacramento, Fresno, San Joaquin


Defensive Handgun Skills Clinics for CCW Permit Holders or Competition Style Shooting.

SFSA offers a variety of clinics each month on the 2nd Saturday for a fee. Advanced CCW and Competitive skill sets will be offered throughout the year. See the "Training and Education" link on the Main Page for specific event information. Participants are required to bring their own handgun, concealable holster, extra magazines or speed loaders (at least 2 preferably 3), concealable holster and ammunition carrier designed for concealed carry, and 250-300 rounds of ammunition. Wrap around Eye protection and Hearing Protection, and a brimmed hat or cap. Dress for the weather as this on an outside range.


So where is my CA Permit or my other state permits honored?

It is up to each of us to know the laws of other states we enter that honor our California CCW Permit. But for a quick reference and the best updated website with CCW information is HandGunLaw.US. Be aware some county Sheriffs may put "Out of State" restrictions on your permit.