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Welcome to River Oaks Firearms Training Center - Dedicated to Safety and Firearms Training to the Community



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Protect Your Gun Rights ● Join the National Rifle Association ● Support Your Local NRA Members Council and State Firearm Rights Organizations
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We are the National Rifle Association of America, and We are Freedoms Safest Place

"Something, Somewhere" on this WebSite was Updated on December 5, 2019

New for 2020

New for 2020, we are planning a full range closure each 4th Saturday of the month for the training of our Girls Scouts kids.


California 4H State Wide Archery Match Results

California 4H State Wide Archery Match results are out and Congratulations to Merced County. The 4H Clubs listed below all utilize our range for their training.  While there were many clubs and individuals in Merced County who placed, these are the top clubs and archers.  Well Done to all!

Merced (Weaver 4H) 2nd Place, Team event - Traditional
Merced (St Anthony's) 1st Place, Intermediate - Long Bow
Merced (Westside) 1st Place , Intermediate – Recurve with sights
Merced (Weaver) 1st Place, 1st time archer, Senior – Recurve
Merced (Weaver) 2nd Place, 1st time archer, Intermediate, - Recurve


Membership Renewal Reminder

2020 Membership renewals are due by December 31, 2019. Notice went out via email on the 3rd of November. Payment may be made on-line utilizing PayPal, or by sending a check or money order. Just encase you shredded the notice, another form can be downloaded HERE in PDF format. Either way, you need to send in the completed form marked paid by PayPal in the Check# field. And save your PayPal receipt for proof of any disputes.

Range Membership Renewals can be done in person at the range during our Training Day hours on Saturday, December 14th, 2019


New Years Eve Night Trap Shoot

Dinnie Echol, our SAFA Tarp Chairman, would like to try again at holding a New Years Eve Trap Shoot and BBQ. Starting time would be around 4:30pm and the cost would be $20. This would include 2 rounds of trap and the BBQ. Dinnie does request a confirmation text at 209-769-6282 or EMAIL to him for a head count if you will be attending. If it is raining, the shoot is canceled. So to save hassles of a refund, you pay for the shoot when you get to the range.


Wednesday Work Sessions

We have decided to keep the Wednesday Work Session going for awhile. Our main goal is to keep ahead of the leave drop off the Oak and Cottonwood Trees. If we don't stay on top of it until the trees are bare, it is a huge task to remove them on a later date. If you have leave blowers able to push leaves we'd like to keep them off the bays and grass area. We were thinking if possible to keep them blown up onto the berms and / or off into the creek. Hopefully without undo dumping by rake and wheelbarrow. Anytime you can make it in the morning 7,8.9 o'clock until you need to go would be highly appreciated. Thank You!!!


Refuse to be a Victim (RTBAV)" Instructor Class

"If you are looking to become a "Refuse to be a Victim (RTBAV)" Instructor and help out your range, and your local civic organizations, we will be offering an Instructor Development Workshop if there is interest.  This is a one day class.  Any questions or interest, please contact Dave at 209-614-1718 or   One of the most important steps toward ensuring your own safety is having a personal safety strategy in place before you need it. NRA's Refuse To Be A Victim® program teaches the tips and techniques you need to be alerted to dangerous situations and to avoid criminal confrontation. Seminars are held across the nation and are open to individuals of all ages. Today, thousands of federal, state and local law enforcement officials and civilians from across the nation utilize this popular program in their crime prevention and community policing initiatives to help protect their communities. Corporations, educational institutions, and community centers have also adopted the program. All told, more than 120,000 people have benefited from these seminars."


Restrictions on "Black Guns" at the Range

Do to confusion in the laws. All AR or AK style Rifles are not allowed to be brought onto the range except for events on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturday of each month. They will be checked that they conform to California and Federal laws before they can be allowed on the premises. If they do not conform they must be removed from the range.
This is for insurance purposes as well as the law. 2nd Saturday has a carbine tactics clinic, 3rd Saturday may have a "3 gun" event, check the calendar before coming out, and the 4th Saturday the rifle range is open.


Safety First Shooting Association "Training & Education"

For information about Firearms Training & Education, click the "River Oaks, Training & Education" logo at the left of the page and see what is being offered by Safety First or various groups and organizations at River Oaks Range. All courses are offered to the general public (non-membership), and fees if any will vary according to the class requirements. 2nd Saturday of every month by 9:00am.


Women's Range Time

Safety First Shooting Association / River Oaks Range will be offering a FREE "Women's Afternoon on the Range" each month on the 2nd Saturday, 1-4pm.  This is an opportunity for the Ladies and their Girlfriend's to practice with their own handguns to get some marksmanship training / practice.  An afternoon at the range without the other half!  Certified female instructors and range safety officers will assist you if you have questions or need some pointers.  If you need a more organized class, we will offer an "Intro to Handguns" class in the mornings from 9-Noon with a $20 cost. To register for the Intro class or if you have any questions on any of the above, contact Dave at 209-614-1718.  Eye and ear protection will be provided if you do not have your own.  All firearms have to be cased and unloaded upon entering the range.
To physically be present on this range, or to participate in firearms training you must not be restricted or prohibited due to a court order, terms of probation, terms of parole, or violations of certain sections of law from possessing firearms, ammunition, and or dangerous weapons.  Due to ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) restrictions on training you must be a United States Citizen, or have permanent resident legal alien status (Green Card). You cannot work for a foreign company, a foreign government, or a foreign governmental agency/organization.


Youth only Shooting Sports Training

Safety First shooting Association, Inc is pleased to announce a new opportunity for our community youth to learn firearm safety and marksmanship!  We will be offering classes from 2-4pm on the 2nd Saturday of each month for youth who sign up.  These classes are no cost in any way to the youth of our community, we only require that the youth must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who must remain present for the class.  We will be offering safety training and instruction over 2 class sessions each: It is intended for youth to attend both training session's to complete the instruction. Youth may sign up for a specific sport or for all of them. Attending youth must be between 5 and 17 years old.  If you have younger youth (3-5 years old) needing firearms safety training, please reach out to us as we can assist you in their education.

Choose the Youth Shooting Sports link at the left of this page for more information and the classes being offered.
To physically be present on this range, or to participate in firearms training you must not be restricted or prohibited due to a court order, terms of probation, terms of parole, or violations of certain sections of law from possessing firearms, ammunition, and or dangerous weapons.  Due to ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) restrictions on training you must be a United States Citizen, or have permanent resident legal alien status (Green Card). You cannot work for a foreign company, a foreign government, or a foreign governmental agency/organization.


Action Shooters Monthly Match
A Reminder, Range Membership is "NOT" required to shoot our Action Shooters Matches

Hopefully, Saturday, December 21st is our next planned monthly match, but possibly the last for Midvalley  Action Shooters..

Match Fees are: $15 Adults - $5 age 17 and under.

Registration Starts at 7:00AM
Registration after 8:00AM pays $5 more
Safety Briefing and Walk Through starts at 8:00AM. Upon completion the Squads report to the bays and the Match begins.

The Action Shooting Committee is comprised of the following persons; Paul Lehmann, Don Reponte, and Robert Fraguglia.  If you have questions and or suggestions for matches feel free to email the

Open membership shooting allowed in the stalls on Bay 1 starting at 9:00am during match days.


Monthly Trap Shoots

The Trap Range is open on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 9:00am to 1:00pm. The fee is, $5.00 for adults and under 18 is $3.00 per round. A round consist of 25 clays. Guns and ammo are not supplied. You DO NOT have to be a range member for these trap events, families with children are encouraged to attend. Those under 18 must be  accompanied by a parent or guardian and everyone will be required to sign a release waiver. For safety purposes, please have your shotguns UNLOADED and they MUST be in a gun case, bag or rug. NO OPEN CARRY of your shotgun in the parking lot or across the range.


Long Distance Rifle Shooting

The Long Distance Rifle Range is open on the 4th Saturday of each month (except annually every August) from 9:00am to 3:00pm, Cost is $10 all day. You bring your firearms and ammunition.  Everything else is provided, but feel free to bring your own stuff or if you'd like or want a special target. Normal shooting distance is 25 to 300 yards. With the ability to extend to 1000 yards. We meet at the pistol range parking lot about 8:30am and caravan out to the rifle range. Call Dave at 209-614-1718 for more info if needed. Membership not Required.


Did you Know?

The Girl Scouts of America have opted to start training their new opportunities to learning at River Oaks starting in 2020.

River Oaks  hosted the 4-H California State and National Western Heritage Championships on July 30 - August 1 of 2019.

River Oaks Firearms Training Center 4-H Shotgun Team has been preparing for the Tulare County 4-H Shotgun Competition for several months. During the preparation for the competition, Derek shot his first 25 straight on Skeet and Jack shot his first 25 straight on Trap. The team traveled to Visalia on June 2 for the Tulare County Trap/Skeet Competition. All of the team members competed in Trap (4 rounds) and Skeet (2 rounds). In the Senior division of Trap, Derek placed 2nd and Jack placed 3rd.  In the Senior division of Skeet, Jack placed 2nd and Derek placed 3rd, with Cameron right behind at 4th.  The team really enjoyed the shoot, the awards and getting the opportunity to shoot against several of the California 4-H Shotgun Team members heading to the 4-H National competition in Grand Island, NE in a couple of weeks. Congratulations to the whole team and looking forward to another successful year!

River Oaks Firearms Training Center hosted the 1st ever California State 4-H Western Heritage State Championships on May 6th and 7th 2017.

River Oaks Firearms Training Center is one of the most recognized Youth Firearms Training Facilities in the United States

River Oaks Firearms Training Center through Safety First Shooting Association (SFSA) trains more people about firearms in one year, than any other range in California combined does in five years.

All SFSA training instructors and helpers, certified or not, are all volunteers. They are not paid for all the work, time and effort spent that they put in at the range. Any monies collected are to cover material and range cost spent required to teach certain classes.

This Website has been Designed and Maintained Free by a Volunteer SFSA Member since August of 2006

A couple of times a year, River Oaks Firearms Training Center offers  for "FREE" WOMENS ONLY, Introduction to Handguns, Handgun Test Drive Events and Refuse To Be A Victim classes. "FREE" mean Guns and Ammo and Classes provided at no charge.

Safety First Shooting Association (SFSA), is pleased to announce a new opportunity for our community's youth to learn firearm safety and marksmanship training through our new "Youth only Shooting Sports Training" program starting July 2017.


Donations to Safety First Shooting Association are now Tax Deductible

Friends of Safety First Shooting Association is now an official 501(c) 3 non profit.  We are organized to receive charitable donations to directly support the work of the Safety First Shooting Association. This means, that if you make a monetary or material contribution, you may now qualify for a tax deduction. We have been planning this and working on it for a few years now and we now have it ready!  Life just got better in that we can get some credit while supporting our favorite cause!  You may donate directly via the PayPal link or by seeing either Dave Givens or Talia Costa at the range or contacting Dave Givens at 209-614-1718 or email  If you have any questions, please contact Dave directly anytime. Any River Oaks Range or Safety First Shooting Association officials can assist you as well. Please use the PayPal "Friends of Safety First" Donations link at the left.

*** River Oaks Firearms Training Center - Preamble ***

Safety First Shooting Association is a 501(c) 4 nonprofit corporation which operates the River Oaks Firearms Training Center on private property. The Association was formed to promote Firearms Training and Safety to the Community. To this end we are organized to provide training opportunities and venues to support Firearms classes, public service events, various outreach programs to the general public, and educational opportunities related to the shooting sports. While we do operate a shooting range, our purpose is to provide education and training. Membership is not required to participate in the education and training opportunities presented by this Association. As an Association, Members are encouraged to attend any or all training's they desire or have an interest in. All education and training opportunities take precedence over general range activities. While our intent is to keep class fees to a minimum, some course materials will have a small cost associated, although this may be alleviated by grants and donations to the education aims of the Association.

This Association is dedicated to the promotion of the shooting sports and firearms safety. Our membership provides specific training in the use of firearms and firearms safety, while conducting classes and events in several shooting sport disciplines for the general public and our community.

The range and all it's activities are run by "VOLUNTEER" SFSA Members & Non-SFSA Members, Board Members and Staff

Our Range Mailing Address is
Safety First Shooting Association - P.O. Box 1378 - Atwater, CA 95301-1378

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To request the use of the River Oaks Firearms Training Center for your event or class, please email Dave Givens at or phone him at 209-614-1718. He will email you the form to send back.